Allergy Escape
Treating the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

How do we work with babies and young children?
When working with babies I use the mum or whoever brings the baby to the session as a surrogate for the muscle feedback. The baby/child does not have to lie still for the duration of the session, we can just work around the playing child, sleeping baby etc.

How long does a session last?
A session lasts approximately 45 -60 minutes. This time allows for discussion at the beginning and end of each session. The first session is likely to be slightly longer, as more discussion is involved the first time.

How many sessions will I need?
It varies - everybody is different. It occaisionally happens that symptoms are gone after one session, but usually more are required.
As a guideline, most people see improvements in their symptoms after three or four sessions. The number of sessions also depends on what people's expectations and standards are regarding their health.
BodyTalk is also a fantastic health maintenance tool for people who believe in prevention and want to make an effort to maintain their health (in which case the sessions would become less frequent - every 4-6 weeks).
I use the muscle feedback to help establish when (or if) the client should come back.

Will it affect my medication?
BodyTalk works alongside other treatments including regular Western medicine, and it is fine to get BodyTalk sessions while on medication. However as the body becomes more efficient through BodyTalk sessions, you may be able to reduce your intake of medication. This should only happen in consultation with your doctor. Always let me know at the beginning of a session if you are on any medication.

I Find it hard to travel. Can you come and see me in my home/hospital?
This may be possible at an extra cost. Please call to discuss or arrange this. Distance sessions is another possibility. In distance sessions we use a tool called Mindscape which is an advanced BodyTalk module. Advance payment via cheque, PayPal or bank transfer is required for distance sessions.